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Dear any and all hot chubby girls who are freaking out over forever21 and swimsuitsforall selling out of your plus size bikinis,

Don’t worry.  Cute two piece suits that actually have support for your ladies are available for way cheaper than those lesser quality ones are selling for on those unfair ebay resales.  I have some ruched bottoms from last year’s bikini and picked up the top to this gem today to go with them for under 30 dollars on sale at (gasp) Lane Bryant.

(I know, that’s where your mom shops, but I guarantee that you’ll look hotter in this than she would.  They also have some tropical print ones, if you’re into that kind of thing.)

Trust me.  I feel super sexy in it and it will last way longer than the forever21 suit.

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    They actually do have cute suits, ladies! Take a look!
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